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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Finland-based AI-augmented platform Comparables.ai raised $700K pre-seed round

Helsinki-based platform Comparables.ai collected 700 thousand dollars for its company analysis platform powered by AI. The company is backed by notable investors such as Nidoco AB, Peter Seligson, Kari Stadigh, Tomas von Rettig, and Hannu Kytölä, etc. This was their first round, which enables them to provide services for more users to compare and analyze companies, followingly offering insights about them. Their platform in beta-testing aroused interests on a global level is preparing to go public before the year ends.

Comparables.ai announced its $700k pre-seed round

Comparables.ai raised $700k to build an AI-augmented company analysis platform

The Finnish company Comparables.ai announced its first funding round to accelerate its mission of helping finance professionals in finding, identifying, and analyzing company similarities quickly and intelligently.

The $700k round is backed by a notable group of Nordic investors with experience in finance and SaaS. The group includes investors such as Nidoco AB, Peter Seligson, Kari Stadigh, Tomas von Rettig and Hannu Kytölä, among others.

“We are thankful and proud to have the support of such an experienced group of investors. With the funding, we will continue to invest heavily into our AI, its usability, and the scope of data that our users can leverage on the platform.“

Helping finance professionals find and analyze companies quickly and intelligently

The focus is to provide a next-generation company search and recommendation technology, in order to eliminate costly, time-consuming and inaccurate research inefficiencies currently common in the finance and consulting industries.

“Finance professionals spend a lot of time manually researching new markets. It’s been a needlessly tough and subjective task to understand the market dynamics and its niches, including identifying key players, such as competitors, acquisition targets, potential buyers, customers, suppliers, distributors, etc. We created an AI to help answer these questions quickly and accurately.” 

Last summer, the company partnered with Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment research, to have the data to analyze over 50k publicly traded companies worldwide using AI and machine learning. The product is currently in beta testing, and early adopters can save working hours, add substance and gain data-driven accuracy to their research.

“Our product has found its market well. We are excited by the global support the Beta version has received so far. Our platform is already being adopted by professionals in hundreds of organizations in over 40 countries. We can’t wait to work even closer with our users towards the planned public launch during 2022.”

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