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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Coinify partners up with payment service provider Pensopay

When it comes to building a dominant bitcoin player in the Nordics and Europe, acquisitions and partnerships will likely be the battleground they’re fought on much like the dynamic online delivery market before Just-Eat was crowned the winner. Coinifiy went on a shopping spree in September, picking up two companies and now announces that they’ve made an agreement with Pensopay, a danish company providing card acquiring and payment gateway services to online and physical businesses.

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It seems like a good deal for bitcoin – with greater merchant adoption by brick and mortar businesses and online stores, Coinify and bitcoin users have more and more excuses to spend their bitcoin. This deal mean that there is total adoption of Bitcoin wherever Pensopay is plugged in, however. Pensopay promote and use the coinify brand when selling the Coinify Merchant Solution, which allows them to accept bitcoin and get paid in their local currency without worrying about the fluctuations in bitcoin.

“For us it is very important that Coinify provides a solution that accepts Bitcoin on behalf of our merchants and that the merchant will receive local currencies. This means business as usual”, said Ulrik Pilehave, PensoPay’s CEO.

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