Coffee on-the-(Indiego)go

    Wheelys Café closed their successful Indiegogo campaign for the new ‘Wheelys 3’ mobile coffee station.

    Wheelys café closed their Indiegogo campaign for the new Wheelys 3 station with raising more than 300 000 dollars. For a starting price of 2999 Dollars, you can get a bicycle coffee station including running water, three burners, cold storage, and an electrical engine (which is a great feature if you’re not a tour de France champion).

    The company is competing with the big coffee brands such as Starbucks, but since their launch, the first versions of Wheelys Café were sold in 27 countries around the world including US, France and Singapore. Opening a big franchise will cost you months of preparation and roughly half a million, but to start your business with Wheelys all you need is to order the coffee station, mount it and bike to the closest crowded place.

    Wheelys 3.0

    Wheelys was founded by Tomas Mazetti, the former head of the Advertising agency Studio Total, and Maria de la Croix who has experiences from most of Scandinavia’s super brands, such as IKEA, Iittala and H&M.

    The new version of the coffee station presented on Indiegogo offers a smart display solution and an app allowing you to control the exact temperature of the coffee. An extended version also includes three burners and a growing station to produce your own coffee beans.

    Wheelys ‘local coffee ecosystem’ enables that you can grow your own coffee on the go – Even in arctic conditions.

    Knowing the business code of the big franchises, Wheelys proposes a branding system built to work on the road and consists of a stamp and stickers that can be applied to standard white cups and napkins. Though the bike is under an open source concept, you can still rebrand it under your own name.

    The portable side of this project, let people to work for free in most of the cities where non-stationary selling is permitted. Owning a coffee station in Scandinavia might provide you approximately from 250 to 600 dollars revenue per day with almost any fixed costs.

    With close to 0% carbon footprint, Wheelys is also an ecological solution to open a business for the eco-conscious entrepreneurs – And the energy needed to fuel the station is being provided at least partly with the help of solar panels on the roof.