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Since leaving MySQL, Mårten Mickos has been busy running another startup called Eucalyptus Systems. Eucalyptus Systems offers “private cloud computing”, meaning develop open source cloud technology that can run on clients’ own servers. According to Tietoviikko (in Finnish), Mickos’ first tasks has been to put together the partner program at Eucalyptus Systems. Codento is a Finnish software company, that has recently been putting a lot of effort into the cloud computing phenomenon as well as startups. Codento will be Eucalyptus Systems’ partner in the Nordics.

Eucalyptus System’s pitches its product portfolio as one that is easily integrated with existing services, such as Amazon S3. The open source software also claims to run on a variety of linux distributions and different kinds of legacy hardware.

According to the interview, Eucalyptus Systems has around 10 paying customers for the time being. Their open source software has been downloaded tens of thousands of times though. Furthermore, Mickos feels confident about Eucalyptus Systems’ advantage, even though many similar cloud computing solutions have reached the markets recently.

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