Code in the Dark

Welcome to Code In The Dark.

Hot Swedish webshop platform Tictail hosted their latest Code In The Dark hackathon at their HQ in Stockholm earlier this month. How it goes down is simple. Competitors are given a famous website to reproduce in HTML/CSS within 15 minutes, but to add another level of competition, they’re not allowed to preview their code. Between this element of speed, or the fact that one missed comma could have disastrous results, they’ve managed to turn coding into an actually fun spectator sport.

After two hours and three rounds of coding, Anna Loverus was declared the Queen of the Code and she is crowned with both a prize and a bunch of hacker swag. Here you can see Loverus and her shout of victory.

Where does Next Code In The Dark take place? It hasn’t been announced yet, but when it will, we’ll try to let you know. You can also stay posted through the Code in the Dark website, or find more pictures up on the Tictail Blog.

Meanwhile you can enjoy this video footage the previous Code In The Dark: