Cobook Goes Mobile With iPhone Address Book App

    Cobook, our favorite Latvian address book for Mac, has launched a complementary iOS app for you to manage your contacts on the go. The app ties into some Cobook features and has its own dialer, making it a replacement for your current address book or “phone” app, if you’re in to that.

    The main draw to Cobook’s desktop app is its speed. When you get someone’s contact details you just type away in the search bar, and everything is added intelligently. On the iOS app you need to be more selective of which categories you are imputing data, but I suppose it’s easy enough. The address book also plugs into your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts so you can easily find your Facebook or LinkedIn contacts’ phone numbers, if they share those publicly.

    One feature that the Cobook app offers is the ability to quickly email cards. Because your contact details are already in your address book, it gives you options for a “personal” and “work” card to build from selecting whatever information you want to send. I wanted to see what it looked like, so I emailed the following card to myself.

    The card is also downloadable as a .vcard so it quickly integrates into whatever address book you’re using. It’s pretty handy, so it might be good for conferences, or when you run out of business cards.

    The app is free, and can be found in the app store.