Now Swiping To Find Life and Business Coaches

It’s not another Tinder app to find your true love, but to find a life mentor. Finnish startup Coachilla is building an online platform for users to find a business mentor or life coach.

Looking for a personal fitness trainer is relatively simple in our mobile era, but it is not necessarily the same case when one looking for a personal coach in life and work aspect. In the United States, 47% of coaching sessions are either found or done through a telephone.

Coachilla is tapping this mostly uncultivated market with a platform where the user can look for a coach that fit their needs either in life, career or relationship. The startup is also providing an embedded video chat service – similar to Skype for online interacting of the coach and user.

The Finns are clearly not alone, just last week we reported on their Swedish peer Competencer raising 3 million Swedish crowns seed funding from a group of known Swedish investors to boost its sales and marketing efforts.

There is surely room out there for many players –  In the United States alone, online coaching market is worth 1.6 billion dollars with thousands of potential users. That is where Coachilla is heading to.

“We are building a marketplace for coaching. There are a few platforms out there already, but they are not mobile friendly and lack of user experience. Plus their business model is not so fair for the coaches – compared to ours,” said Eeppi Nieminen, founder of Coachilla.

For the coaches who want to use Coachilla to build their online presence and to attract new clients, they can set their own price and Coachilla will charge 20% for each session or each client that come through the platform.

“Many events that have shaped my life: my business ideas are the ones when I met people who have mentored or coached me. So I was thinking what if there is a platform that can help people find a coach for their own needs,” Nieminen said.