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Cloudo logoCloudo, the Swedish based Web OS focused company, has opened up it’s service to users for registration. They told this in their latest newsletter.

Cloudo is a web based OS service still in its very early stages. I was able to sign in, but there were quite a few glitches still to be ironed out. This could be also related to the fact that they are getting a lot signups that are slowing down the servers.

Cloudo Web OS

From a business perspective it still makes me wonder whom Cloudo is targeting with its service. Cloudo’s competitor, Mysites, has stated it will be targeting students and gamers. There is quite a bit of potential for services that Cloudo and Mysites are creating, however, I believe whom they are targeting have to be more clearly defined. For example, neither of these services state the third world as their target market, an area I believe is greatly undervalued by this kind of services yet they are the ones most in need of services like this. High license fees of OS’s is something that individuals in Africa and other developing parts of the world cannot cope with.

Signup for the beta and give it a try yourself.

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