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Uppsala-based startup Cloapp provides a solution for social life management

Managing personal relations is not only about contact information – It’s about keeping the people close.

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If you meet a lot of people – and your memory has challenges in organizing all the social information you receive on a daily basis, Cloapp’s new social application Closr is made for you. The personal relationship management app keeps your contacts close through helping you to build up personal portfolios of the people you meet. All the information can be added straight to the person’s contact details on one’s smartphone.

“Everyone has a bunch of contacts on their smartphones, but there hasn’t been an easy way to make quick notes to richen their contact info. This additional information can remind you of what you’ve discussed about with the person last time you met or what was the location of the previous meet-up Through Closr, we want people to feel more connected with their shared experiences with the contacts,” says Alex Lewerentz, the CEO and Co-Founder of Cloapp.

“Phone contacts are the least developed social network at the moment though we all use it everyday. We believe that smartphone contacts are the next big social thing.”

As Closr provides the possibility to manage your social life in a more considerate manner, Lewerentz says they want to support their users to develop to be social wizards. The fact that actually sometimes you don’t know what’s going on with your contacts inspired the three Co-Founders of Cloapp to build up an application for managing your relationships more efficiently.

Artificial social intelligence?

Basically the application enables one to create profiles around the contact information: You may write notes, add notifications integrated on you calendar and save locations, voice memos or pictures to the contact. This is how you can reconnect to the people in your network conveniently only through reminiscing over the memories you’ve shared.

The app can also be integrated to one’s social media accounts, so you can easily also probe information from different medias to be added on the ‘data portfolio’. This enables the app to use all the public information that your contacts share online, and gives the user a wider range of background information in addition to the notes.

“We have the social connection as well as personal notes – but we think the social part is secondary. Every location, picture, voice message or text you save, makes the difference when remembering a certain contact – or potential customer.” emphasizes Lewerentz.

Closr has been launched for iOS, and Cloapp will continue to develop the service starting from the consumer perspective.

“Now we just want to get as many people as possible using this free app, and the next version will also include our MINGL functionality with a cool new way to connect with new people at events and conferences. MINGL will be launched at Uppsala’s tech event Uppstart and then also the week after at the commercial film award show Roygalan in Stockholm,” says Lewerentz.

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“By the end of the year, we’ll launch Closr for Business, as a more in depth and easy to use relationship management platform where for instance teams, or groups of sales people could share their contacts and up-to-date notes with each other on a realtime feed. This will be our business part, since we believe nobody wants to buy heavy customer relationship management tools anymore. And if we already have a great free consumer app out there, people will soon find out they already have a bunch of sales leads with rich profiles in their contacts list when converting,” Lewerentz continues.

Well Closr is certainly a solution for social life management with a big vision which could enable us to use our smartphones as personal relationship management tools efficiently through just one application. And in the end, if only the contact information would be the most important thing for you, erasing Closr doesn’t affect on your contact lists. Only the added information will be deleted.

“We don’t want to lock people in. They can discover themselves by using the application how they value having more context on their contacts,” states Lewerentz.

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