Climendo: Picking The Best Weather

If you are reading this from one of the Nordic countries you know first hand that the weather is an issue here. Your day literally begins and ends by checking up the weather forecast. You plan the meetings based on the data from your weather app so that you can get from point A to point B during the short gaps between the rain, and have a lunch outside when the sun pops up. In short, the weather app is your best friend.

There is a saying in Sweden, ‘There is no bad weather, only bad clothes’. With the Swedish Climendo app you can plan your look based on the weather chops and changes. No, Climendo is not a fashion app but a statistical weather forecast service.


Climendo is the first independent forecast reviewer, saving forecasts from several providers, and comparing them to actual observations from more than 10,000 observation stations around the world.

“Our last accuracy report for the UK that The Sunday Times published proved that as both an American, and a Finnish provider performed better on British soil than their old crown jewel Met Office,” says David von Corswant, Climendo co-founder.

Climendo does not have any adorable pets or beautiful ladies reporting the forecasts. No stunningly beautiful background pictures of random cities, or skies for that matter, only meaningful data shaped in simple and functional Scandinavian style. What makes the service special is that you can compare several forecasts on one screen and get statistically most likely forecast for any location, based on historical accuracy. 

Big (weather) data

Climendo knows everything about which weather forecast provider is good at what, and where. Available on Android and Appstore Climendo tracks the accuracy of some of the best forecasters for several years, and puts this data to use. For those who are interested, or in need of killing some time, the broken down results of the accuracy tracking are presented in the app, as guidance to which provider users should pay extra attention to. The app also provides plenty of historical data regarding the weather from a particular place and time. Ever wondered what the weather was like twenty years ago? Or have you made the claim that it was much warmer last year? No more thinking you know, now you’ll just know.

Two founders Jacob and David von Corswant, both passionate surfers, got sick of inaccurate forecasts while chasing waves in a country that has never been known for its surf (and undoubtedly never will be). They quit their jobs in PR and marketing to fully focus on building a successful weather forecast company. Today, being financially backed by for example Marcus Wallén, former head of studio at King/Candy Crush, their business is growing in a steady, healthy, and manageable pace. They just came to an agreement with AccuWeather, which means they will sit next to for example Weather Underground, Dark Sky, NOAA, and Foreca from Finland. Climendo tracks their data and will make results available to media in a few weeks.

The Climendo App is available for free on App Store and Google Play so go ahead and check how much summer days do you still have.