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Clava allows people to easily connect with locals and discover local promotions in their surrounding area.

Our home page contains a map of your current location. You can then scroll around on that map and join chatrooms around you to instantly connect with people in that location.

When you’re looking to see what promotions are in your area you can head over to the promotions page. These promotions can be discounts/specials, public events/party invites and more.

As users travel throughout the day the promotions they collect will change. Our promotions are essentially location-focused ads exclusive to people using Clava.

For example if you’re a Baltimore based business and your create a promotion for Clava, everyone using Clava that is located in Baltimore will see this promotion on their promotions page.

Our team has to decided to offer Promotions for FREE to any business that wants to take advantage of it.

Email us if you’re interested: Aj@Clava.xyz

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