CLARA Listens The Web Talking

Clara logoCLARA is a Reykjavik, Iceland based young startup specializing in online business and marketing intelligence. The firm offers automatic monitoring and analysis tools for the web. With CLARA’s solution firms can keep track of online discussions around their brands, products, and services on the web. CLARA’s system brings data together from news, blogs, forums and comments, and other online content. The idea is to allow “listening” to the online discussion as it happens, and being able to see a clear summary to better understand the end customers.

Clara pitchCLARA uses advanced semantic analysis and data presentation methods to automatically and instantly analyze the attitudes, emotions, and user behavior online. This helps marketers to better target their messages, and discover new opportunities.

Using the solution, firms can analyze both the social media buzz and online mainstream media in order to respond properly to criticism in time, and build on positive traction without delay. Campaigns could be also tracked in real time to see how they are received by the target market segment.

The idea of CLARA is not exactly unique, as there are several other companies providing similar solutions also within the Nordic region. The team behind seems somewhat young yet ambitious, though. The CEO and founder Gunnar Hólmsteinn looking after the firm’s 12-person team was previously Brand Manager at The Coca-Cola Company in Iceland, and the firm’s business development efforts are said to be led by persons with longer management experience of many world-class brands.

Clara is a Reykjavik, Iceland based startup specializing in business and marketing intelligence.