Jinan, the City of Springs, a metropolitan of 11,000,000 people and the capital of China’s second most populous province, welcomes European entrepreneurs to use the city as a gateway to entering the vast Chinese market, and has launched a special program to facilitate it.

The 4th China (Jinan) New Growth Drivers International High-level Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest is a platform for startups to find opportunities and markets for their projects. In addition to winning cash prizes, it’s more importantly about connecting your company to potential investors and local partners in China, with all the support for soft-landing in Jinan

The program has 20 business parks and 36 investment funds and banks providing capital investment, financing support and assistance for the landing projects.

Main Fields of Competition

1. Big Data and the New Generation of Information Technology

2. Intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment

3. Bio-pharmacy and medical healthcare

4. Modern agriculture and ecological environmental protection.

The deadline for submitting the applications is Tuesday, June 15th 2021 so you still have time to register and take advantage of this opportunity to enter the Chinese market.

Registration for the program and the contest is naturally free of charge.

More information about the competition and the registration form: 


If you need to ask direct questions, please email Zheng Virolainen zheng(at)zenziconsulting.com

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