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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Norwegian startup enters Finnish market by acquiring its competitor

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Oslo-born startup Chew, offering digital cooking courses for children, announces its plans to buy Finnish startup Carrot Kitchen which is a mobile cooking buddy for kids. Norwegian startup provides a platform where children can learn cooking through video lessons with Christer Rødseth. As for Helsinki-based SaaS startup helps junior chefs learn cooking through the app. Unfortunately, Carrot announced the closing of its kitchen due to the uncertain global economic situation but right now, they will join forces with Chew to spread the joy of cooking and encourage adopting healthy eating habits. Chew is targeting a leadership position in the Nordics and will continue to expand to fulfil this mission.

Founded in 2021 by Mano Rashidi and Silje Rosness Dahle, Chew is an interactive online platform with food-related content for children aged 6-14 years to develop their cooking skills, increase knowledge about proper nutrition and inspire a healthier and more varied diet.

Developing healthy eating habits at an early age is the basis for building a healthy society and planet. Proper nutrition is an important point that has not only short-term but also long-term benefits. Moreover, the fact that most children, regardless of geography, find some foods unpleasant is a major obstacle in building such a society. These two initiatives, which have emerged as alternatives to various solutions produced so far, will act together this time to help the children witness the process of the meal until it comes to the table. In this way, they will be more willing to sit at the table because of the effort they put in while they learn to know each product separately and turn it into a recipe.

Mano Rashidi, Founder and CEO says to EU Startups, “The Team behind Carrot Kitchen has developed an amazing app and we look forward to integrating it to our offering with our mission of inspiring and educating kids around the world towards healthier and more sustainable eating habits. Getting children to eat healthier and to have a more varied diet is a common problem worldwide to which we hope we have an educational and inspirational solution in Chew.”

Olli Freese, Carrot Kitchen: “We couldn’t think of a better option than Chew to get behind Carrot Kitchen with the shared mission and passion for kids cooking.”

Mano Rashidi: “We see huge interest in cooking on SoMe (TikTok, Youtube etc) towards kids, however often a more passive consume. Our goal is to harness this interest with clear step-by-step videos and a pinch of gamification to create journey-based learning. Much like any game where you start at Level 1 and want to advance to the next level and so on. Food influencers are on the rise and Chew’s goal is to be an interactive platform where the users can increase their interest in cooking, food and recipes.”

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