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Cherry.ee, the largest Estonian Groupon-kind site, had a big offer on earlier this week. They were selling Estonian Air travel vouchers worth 1000 EEK (64,30 euro) for 600 EEK (38,60 euro). They sold over 6500 vouchers, before they had to stop as it was a little bit too much for Estonian Air. Despite the early stop in sales, they plan to do another flash sale next year.

6500 travel vouchers is a lot for such a small country. That’s over 250 000 euros in sales in less than 24 hours. In an official press release by Estonian Air, the company states that the success of the campaign took everyone by surprise.

Initially the parties were expecting to sell about 2500 vouchers and thus a sale of 6500 vouchers is more than double of that. The companies agreed that another flash sale will be held in the future to better prepare for the demand. It has not been disclosed yet, when the deal will go through though.

Earlier this month we wrote about Cherry.ee and their business potential as well. We revealed that the company is doing about 300 000 euros worth of monthly sales with about a 4 million euro annual rate currently. With single day sales of about 250 000 euros, there’s clearly hidden demand for good deals.

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