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The British football club, Chelsea, has begun to use the Finnish startup Sofanatics‘ Facebook application in their Facebook fan page. Sofanatics is a startup that revolves around social video, especially from the sports point of view. We’ve recently written about them extensively, especially regarding the investments and board advisors they’ve managed to get. Last night, Sofanatics tweeted news that Chelsea has begun using their Facebook app to enable fans to chat amongst themselves. The app enables viewers to chat or those with cameras, to videochat amongst themselves – in essence taking Sofanatics’ features and functionalities to Facebook.

Chelsea FC is the first club to adopt Sofanatics features under their Facebook fanpage. I can’t help to think that the board members and investors they have on board have helped immensely in setting up the connections to Chelsea. One of the board members I’m thinking is Aki Riihilahti the former Crystal Palace midfielder. Talk about an innovative setup for a board.

This idea is somewhat similar to an approach another Finnish startup had going about a year ago. Floobs was able to attract a lot of interest from football clubs in Spain to take Floobs’ video feature and embed it to their site to engage fans better. Floobs came up with the idea little too late and they were unable to create enough revenue with it before going under.

Sofanatics is definitely on a good track here. If they’re able to create an attractive service for football clubs, it would be easy to sell it for a monthly fee. There aren’t too many services similar to their so they have a good chance pulling this through – especially with the board and group of advisors they’ve attracted around the company.

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