Estonian Weekdone is launching their task management app with a major upgrade based on a company management methodology used by companies like Google, Zynga, Intel, Oracle and LinkedIn among others.

The need for a fresh app launch came after Weekdone’s users expressed demand for a feature covering long-term goals and productivity.
The upgrade will include a quarterly or bi-annual goal and productivity visualization and management tool OKR (Objectives and Key Results) on top of the existing PPP (Progress, Plans, and Problems) weekly reports.

“For already 20 years I’ve been a serial entrepreneur and founder of different companies. If there’s one business process I suggest any team, small or large, to use, it’s OKR,” said Weekdone CEO & Co-founder Jüri Kaljundi. “It’s so simple and elegant. It’s easy and quick to implement and really makes your people focus and strive for what’s important. No wonder Google, LinkedIn and others love it so much.”

Give the Weekdone infograph below a look to better understand what OKR is all about:

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