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Check Out Splitter For Sending Potential Users To The Right App Store

As devices and platforms get more fragmented, it can get difficult to tell potential users where they can find you. Copenhagen-based Splitter has built an easy-to-use service that automatically detects information about who clicked your link and sends them off to the right direction. Their main product, AppSplit, is built for sending users to the correct App download locations. Instead of advertising three or four different download locations, his way you just need one URL or QR code to send Android users correctly to the Google Play store, and iPhone users to the App Store.

Founder Rasmus Burkal says that it can be difficult for larger brands to point people to the correct app, especially on TV and Radio advertisments. Telling potential users to find an app in their app store using search terms is also problematic. “With CNN for example, If you search for CNN in the App Store or Google Play, you get a lot of results. And only one of the results is the brand’s app. ”

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It’s not all about the app store, however. Splitter also provides CampaignSplit and CountrySplit, which redirects users based on a campaign time or by what country the user is coming from. With all Splitter URLs, companies have a tool so they can always control where the URL or QR code goes, so they can continue to use the same QR code across campaigns, leading to less dead-ends or mistakes stemming from hard-coding a QR code.

The company also provides analytics telling where and from what devices the URLs or QR codes were used, including user stats, referrals, locations, device types, and OS versions.

They already have CNN using their services, along with a few Danish startups, such as Majango, a localized Groupon, and Rabat.Me, a customer loyalty card app.

Pricing for startups is significantly cheaper than what brands or Pro Brands have to pay, but does not include features like custom domains.

Splitter is a relatively simple service, but it’s solving a real-world problem. I’m sure companies could manage redirects themselves, but there’s something easy about having a platform manage it for you.

Splitter from Splitter HQ on Vimeo.

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