Change.VC – Take A Survey To Help Change The Venture Capital Industry

    As the new breed of startup entrepreneurs has risen all over the world in the last decade, the Venture Capital industry has been seen as the fuel provider for the hungry growth companies.

    The lower cost of starting a business combined with the mobile and social explosion have provided amazing platform for startups to grow. But still, for the really fast growth and scaling things globally, often taking VC money in has been considered as a must. As there are now lots of Unicorns, often it’s said that “the VC’s create the unicorns with pumping the valuation up and up” even the reality would not quite match the round valuation.

    Lots of success stories, yes, but the fact is that more venture-backed startups fail than succeed. Regularly we also hear the horror stories from the entrepreneurs who perhaps did not fully understand the terms they agreed on when taking the outside funding and lost the control of their company at some point. As there would not be VC industry without the entrepreneurs, the entrepreneur should be the one behind the wheel and not sidelined by a special clause in a contract.

    Our friends at Active Venture Partners are aiming to help change the industry and they need your help to do it.

    Barcelona, 24th November 2015 – Imagine a future where Venture Capital Firms see Entrepreneurs as their clients. Ask your client and put company founders in the driving seat is exactly what is aiming for. The call to action movement was launched today, targeting the entrepreneurial community and other stakeholders of the startup and scale-up ecosystem, in order for them to voice their opinion on the traditional venture capital industry. wants to identify the main pain points of the entrepreneurial community with respect to the current VC offering through a short survey and propose changes that lead to a new generation of VCs. Take the survey at

    Past years have suggested that something needs to change within the Venture Capital industry. Since 2003 the industry has not performed. The average Net IRR of European VC firms has been negative. Only 2013 has seen some recovery.

    Furthermore during the same time period VCs have experienced new competition. Disruptive concepts have been introduced, such as accelerator programs, crowdfunding, venture building, media for equity, venture debt and several others. Pure investment capital has become a commodity. These trends coupled with the result of a recent study by revealed that more than 40% of entrepreneurs would not recommend to work with Venture Capital Firms due to their arrogance and impersonal business approach, suggest that something needs to be changed.

    In 2014 Ryan Caldbeck of Circleup described 5 traits that VC should embrace: integrity, stop hunting only for unicorn startups, be on time, respect what you don´t know and say no – but actually say it. There are many valuable opinions within the startup ecosystem. It’s time to listen and start the change. is an international call to action movement powered by ACTIVE Venture Partners in partnership with, Unquote, Global Corporate Venturing, Foundum, Deutsche Startups, ArcticStartup, VCStartups, Rude Baguette, Loogic, Novobrief, Challengers, WhiteBull, Hamburg Startups and Barcelona Tech City.