CEO Of Kiosked, Who Raised €100M In His Career, Joins As Term Sheet Battle CEO Negotiator

We have been to a million cookie cutter events with 5 minute pitch talks and heavy drinking with no real value. 

Thus on Tuesday, the 28th of May at the Apollo Live Club, ArcticStartup will bring you the Term Sheet Battle. An event, where you will learn how to negotiate a Term Sheet by watching how it is done live on stage between Sunstone Capital, Creandum and Kiosked.

A term sheet is basically a marriage agreement between a startup and their investor and is probably the most important piece of paper you will ever sign as an entrepreneur. The contents of which can make or break your startup and influence future investment opportunities or exit potentials.

Learning about this is not something you need just when fund raising. Continuing with the marriage metaphor, it is a good idea to figure out what you are getting yourself into before saying “yes” and signing the papers. This is an invaluable experience whether you are a CEO, a dreamer, a developer or an investor.

To learn from the best, Lars-Michaël (Micke) Paqvalén, the CEO of Kiosked agreed to be our CEO negotiator on stage. Who will definitely give investors a hard time as he has raised more than €100 000 000 (Yes, that is 100 million) in his career, including €4.5 million for Kiosked.

Kiosked, the smart content startup from Finland, has in turn been growing at an astounding rate. With 50 employees, they tripled their head count. Moreover there are rumors that they have recently raised a very significant round and opened up offices in Asia and the US.

Micke also shared some term sheet advice already – to be very careful about preferential shares. “We do not have preferential shares. We treat all investors equally” – he told ArcticStartup, and this might drive investors crazy but makes a very strong point that we will go into detail during the event.

On the other side of the table, we have Creandum who have recently closed €135 million fund and Sunstone Capital who have invested in companies such as Podio, Microtask and Prezi.

We are also a Facebook competition today, giving away 3 tickets to the event. All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and comment in the competition post. Kudos for sharing it, though. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM GMT +3.

The winners will also get €200 voucher from our sponsor UpCloud – the easy to use cloud hosting service where you can freely choose what kind of servers you want to deploy and pay by the hour at competitive rates. UpCloud will also give €100 in hosting to all attendees.

But to make sure you get a ticket, you can grab one from below and we will refund the fee if you win in the competition. You know you need to go anyways, if you are serious about raising money. So you have nothing to lose by grabbing a ticket now:

Top Image by Shutterstock // Businessman Sitting At Office Desk