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CENOS captured 1 million dollars worth of glances from investors with its unique approach

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CENOS managed to get a million euros for the platform they have built to change the game in engineering. The funding will help the company’s aim which enable all engineers to access the simulation software without giving much effort and lots of money.  It seems there is not much hierarchy or discrimination going on.

CENOS has made an appearance in the computer-assisted engineering software market in 2017. Accordingly, joining in the business was necessary considering the needs of all engineers, especially naïve ones. Old school techniques and modelling are not good for the future of engineering.

Yet, getting access to computer-assisted software may cost a kidney to some. Thank the investors, the company seems to get its share from the seed round led by Wise Guys and Capitalia. With the help of engineer-friendly financiers, the platform may play a Robin Hood role for those who are willing to test their fancy designs. Plus, in quite a short time…


Global CEO at Startup Wise Guys, provides an input to the minds about the investments in the engineering simulation market, “The engineering simulation market is ripe for change and CENOS is positioned as the leading disruptor in the space.

Its open-source model, with a platform providing easy-to-use UIs and breadth of capability, means it can expand quickly and fill the gap being created by rapid generation change and skills shortages. We see a strong future for CENOS as it democratizes global engineering simulation among the new generation of engineers.”

CENOSFuturistic Approach of CENOS

CENOS Electromagnetics Simulation Software keeps open-source algorithms so that engineers can access high-level simulation and modelling tools for a small amount of fee in no time before their muses are off like a prom dress. Plus, physical tests and training of young-in-engineering minds can take much more time and effort.

The start-up with all those funds is able to support all engineers by a futuristic platform. Beyond the physical barriers, the world may see how engineering turns out after investors give the CAE a chance.

According to Mihails Scepanskis, CEO and founder of CENOS, the main focus came into question while building the platform. It was hard to gain access to state-of-the-art technology and to reduce the training time of not-yet-sophisticated engineers.



“Engineering simulation software today is still stuck in version 1.0. It’s big, bloated, and surprisingly bad at guiding engineers to solutions rapidly. Most engineers still adopt a trial-and-error approach, trying out modifications to see what works and, more usually, what doesn’t. That approach won’t wash anymore. The world urgently needs more efficient design, and our customers tell us that margin pressure now means they can only afford to provide OEM clients with two rounds of design changes if they want to make a profit.

CENOS addresses this challenge with a platform that provides the world’s most advanced open-source engineering software algorithms in vertical-focused apps with a usable interface that doesn’t take 10 years to learn.” said Mihails Scepanskis.

Carbon-Neutral Attitude may trigger the planet-friendly investors

The aim of the CENOS platform is also supported by the muse of recycling. The platform makes it easier to turn old and boring designs into something new and glamorous. Constant production in the field makes quite a mass so that it is inevitable to reach a critical level for the quality of the planet’s life.

During the production phase and with the consumption habits, it is easy to say there are foreshadowing elements yelling and warning about the oncoming danger. Because we are leaving our carbon footprints everywhere.

According to the World Economic Forum “digital technologies could help reduce global carbon emissions by up to 15%.”

With the investments thanks to Startup Wise Guys and Capitalia, with participation from Baltic angels including Uldis Sipols, formerly VP of Product Supply Purchases at Procter & Gamble, the market may expand, and after quite a while, we may not see old fashion engineering anywhere nearby. CENOS sets its sights high to be one of the leaders in the CAE software market.

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