The Norwegian software company Catenda, creator of the open BIM collaborative platform Bimsync, is launching its mobile App on iOS and Android platforms. Aimed at construction professionals, the new mobile App seeks to bridge the gap between the pre-construction and the execution phase. It is optimized to run on smartphones and tablets and on limited 4G networks – a realistic situation on many construction sites.

From now on, all Bimsync users can now extend workflows from the desktop version, to access models, issues, and documents from all their Bimsync projects, on their mobile device. This streamlined version of Bimsync lends itself to workflows involving all trades across the supply chain. Engineers and tradespeople have their assigned tasks at their fingertips, status of tasks can be easily updated in parallel with production work, in just a couple of screen touches.

“Bimsync App strengthens Catenda’s position as a supplier of collaboration services to the whole construction lifecycle.” – Håvard Bell, CEO Catenda.

In the App, Bimsync users can create new issues, attach an issue to a location, add

and annotate photos illustrating the problems to be solved, assign issues to responsible parties, comment, and close issues, browse and navigate through 3D models as well as access and open all documents in the Document folders of your project.

“We are using the Bimsync App every day. The basic facts that the whole project works in one system, and that data flows as we go from design and pre-construction onto the construction site are of huge value for us” says Frode Breimo, Project Manager for automation at MainTech and user of Bimsync App.

The on-site App has been developed in collaboration with the Norwegian company Norsk Kylling and is now being used on a number of projects all over Europe.

You can download it:

– On iOS

– On Android

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