CaptainAmz is one of the best Amazon seller tools in the market.

Amazon has a new Request a Review button feature in each order detail page in Seller Central. CaptainAMZ requests reviews automatically in the background. Amazon sellers don’t need to click anything manually. It is very important button, sellers can automate this very easily with CaptainAMZ Review and Feedback software does not send requests any refunded orders.

Sellers can also see and manage all you Amazon product reviews in 1 page. Moreover, sellers can find who makes the review. Amazon sellers can see who are negative reviewers and contact with them in order to make it removed by solving their problems.

CaptainAMZ Review and Feedback tool is free for 5 days for all Basic plan features, then it is only $9,99 for Basic plan, $19,99 for Pro Plan for a month. Basic Plan includes Auto Review Requests, Review Management in 1 page. Pro Plan includes these 2 Basic Plan features and also 5 additional features: Review Download in Csv file, Find the order who reviews, Pro Settings, Autoresponder and Hijacker & Buy Box Tracker. There is also new feature, Refund Calculator which calculates reimbursements that Amazon actually owes but have not paid. review request tool is up to 8-10 times more effective than any other Amazon tool.

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