Danish biotech MonTa raises 270,000 euros

Copenhagen-based biotech company MonTa BioSciences Aps has raised 270,000 euros from the incubator Pre-Seed Innovation for their promising cancer treatment.

The Danish firm has found a method in which the body’s immune system is trained to actively recognize and fight cancer cells. The treatment makes use of nanoparticles of less than one ten thousandth of a millimetre, which is able to deliver an immune activating substance specific for the immune system’s major cell types.

“Often cancer cells avoid being detected on the immune system’s radar, but we can now give the immune system a solid boost, so it can recognize and fight cancer cells more effectively than we see today,” said Simon Skjøde Jensen, Ph.D. and CEO of Monta Biosciences.

MonTa BioSciences says its treatment is unique since it can advantageously be combined with a large proportion of the current treatments available on the market, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, antibody based therapy, such as Rituximab or Darzalex, as well as the highly successful immune checkpoint inhibitors, which have been approved over the last year and already used to treat against melanoma and lung cancer.


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