You Can Be An Entrepreneur without a Company in Finland

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You can be an entrepreneur – today. Tools like the internet and social media have enabled anyone with an idea and a smartphone to get started building the business of their dreams. These same resources have given new businesses a sea of freelancers and professionals to hire on a project basis, without risky employment contracts. Beneath all of this new opportunity, though, is the practicality of making it work smoothly and legally.

For one reason or another, many founders do not want to set up a company right away.

Storming into your boss’s office this morning with a letter of resignation may not be a possibility for you. Even if it is, you may want to wait a while before breaking the big news. Many businesses take years to become profitable, which demands the founder to survive some other way in the meantime – a salaried job, for example. You may also already own a business and want to explore another idea in a new industry without having to set up and manage another business structure just yet.

But if you do not set up a company, how do you pay and get paid?

A new business may not have the resources or ability to hire that perfect freelancer outright, but they still must keep a record of every financial transaction. The same goes for customers: you have to keep a record of every purchase, every sale, every charge. You need a way to invoice, send, follow up, pay and get paid. It may be frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you’d rather not open a business before gaining enough traction to validate the model.

The solution is Kassavirtanen’s “Light Entrepreneur” service.

Who Is It For?

“Light Entrepreneur” is for the new entrepreneur or a business that wants to avoid all of the hassle and bureaucracy that is the current state of invoicing and financial records. Light entrepreneurship is not suitable for all areas. These may include, for example, restaurant services requiring a license.

How Does It Work?

Kassavirtanen provides and manages invoices for any field or industry. They provide you with a ready-made invoice template to fill in your and recipient’s information. Quick and easy instructions are included making sure you don’t waste a second trying to figure anything out.

Once Kassavirtanen receives your invoice, they check it thoroughly to ensure all expenses are captured and accounted for properly. If all is well, your “Light Entrepreneur” invoice is sent to the client.  

Can I Get Paid Faster?

The moment your salary reaches your Kassavirtanen account, it is paid out to you. If you want to get paid even faster, there is “instant salary” option which lets you collect the payment the moment your job is approved as completed by the client, even if your client has not paid Kassavirtanen yet. This option is particularly handy if you are charging big corporates, communities, municipalities, or government institutions. With “instant salary” your account is usually credited the very day you submit the invoice.

What If I Don’t Receive My Payment?

Say your client gets the invoice but forgets to pay – no problem. We at Kassavirtanen will submit a reminder to the client on your behalf. If you still don’t receive your payment at that point, you can once again leave it to us as we will quickly get in contact with the client to find out what is going on, and if we need to start the judicial debt collection process.

What’s In It For Kassavirtanen?

For a limited time, all of these services are available to you for just 2% of the VAT (Value-Added Tax) of your invoice. If you select “Instant Salary” that cost is bumped up a little to 2.5% in addition of the service fee. That small fee covers everything Kassavirtanen does, from invoicing to contacting the client.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Register here at no cost to you, and without even entering any credit card information. Leave the bureaucracy of invoices behind and get to building your business!