Camu, One of the App Store's best of 2014 comes to Android

    After really never leaving the “Best new apps” category as an editor’s choice, as well as winning the App Store’s Best of 2014 Apps, Helsinki-based app creator Sumoing has released their camera app Camu on Android perhaps after realizing they can’t get any more love out of Apple.

    After first downloading Camu I thought the app would be another dime-a-dozen filter app, but Camu is handy thanks to their UI. Taking a picture is quick and easy by allowing you to play with filters and lighting “live” or after the shot by sliding your finger back and forth or up and down on the camera screen. The app has more bells and whistles too, like photo collage options for packing a lot of selfies into one picture, which makes it easier than switching between apps to put pictures together.

    Despite the header image Camu isn’t an app for fine landscape photography, it’s an app to take pictures when you’ve got a beer in your hand. And they do it well.

    Camu has picked up 3 million users, which is still a behind Repix, their photo editing app downloaded over 13 million times. The app can be downloaded on Android here.