Campalyst Announces Seed Funding, New Integrations

Campalyst has raised a seed round of funding from Amsterdam-based venture capital firm HENQ. The size of the round was not disclosed. Campalyst creates return-on-investment analytics for social media marketing campaigns. About one year and a day ago, the company first came out of Garage48 with the idea of measuring conversions from Facebook pages, and has grown quickly to a become an full-service social media monitoring service. From Garage48, the company progressed though StartupSauna, and Seedcamp as it tacked on new features and new ROI analytics to measure.

Along with the funding round, Campalyst also announces some new integrations. They will be integrating with Adobe Marketing Suite and Youtube, and will also provide analytics for paid social analytics offerings. With the last point, the company points out that this should make them first social media management and analytics company to cover both Facebook Ads and Facebook Pages. The Facebook Ads integration is available in private beta now.

The company is also quick to point out that the market is changing rapidly as the social media platforms find new ways to monetize their services. This past year Facebook has introduced Sponsored Stories for social media advertising, and Twitter is making Sponsored Tweets available to more and more customers.

Despite its young age, the company has come to embody their regional startup ecosystem. Their pan-baltic team shows the young talent available to be tapped, and their path through local startup programs shows the quality companies both the hackathons and incubators can produce. As they have been in the past, it will be interesting to watch Campalyst’s growth now that they have secured more funding than their well earned prize money.