Kiva - loans that change livesWe’re beginning to calm down for the holidays, as is the Finnish start-up market. It’s been quite an interesting autumn in terms of Finnish companies, however it is still very miniscule compared to other European countries.

We do have some plans for 2008, which include a design improvement, more posts as well as some new media to follow, possibly videos. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from people and it’s been encouraging despite us two, me and Miikka, being very busy this autumn. Thank you for that!

If you are still wondering where to stuff your christmas money, think about supporting Kiva’s entrepreneurs. Kiva offers microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries who would otherwise have trouble raising funds. With these funds, they can build successful enterprises and support the local community in a totally new way. You can participate with as little as $25 USD.

With that, I would live to wish everybody a very enjoyable holiday season! See you in 2008!