CakeHR Provides Simple Online HR Software

    If you run your own business, you’ve probably got an old Excel file somewhere that tries to keep track of employees’ days off. It works, but it could be so much easier if it were more self-managed and actually a calendar. A team from Riga (but now working out of the UK) is trying to make HR functions for SMEs easier with Cake.HR. The service is currently in private beta, but they are giving free accounts to companies until they turn on payments sometime in early March. The team also tells us they’re giving free-for-life accounts in return for feedback on the service.

    For managing time off, the service lets employees request days off on a calendar, which is accessible to everyone in the company. This provides better information to everyone in the company about who is going to be in the office, which makes it easier to plan projects and meetings. The service provides managers with time off reports and easy-to-read charts and graphs that presents the information quickly.

    CakeHR is build for SMEs starting from a couple of people up to 50 employees. Based on current stats an active company has 8 employees on average.

    In the near future, the company is providing automatice report building, as well as revamping the dashboard with better charts and access to information. Kaspars Upmanis, founder of CakeHR also tells me they’re quickly going to expand from more than just a “time off” service into a fully-featured HR software in the coming months, once they nail down their first module.