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Finnish startup partners with the leading provider of construction materials in Shanghai to reduce carbon emissions in concrete production

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Caidio, a Finnish technology start-up with a subsidiary in Shanghai, has partnered with Shanghai  Urban Construction Materials, a leading provider of construction materials in Shanghai, to decrease carbon emissions and improve the efficiency of concrete production. Shanghai Urban Construction  Materials, a subsidiary of Shanghai Tunnel Engineering, is well-positioned to support the growing demand for more sustainable concrete solutions in China, the largest concrete producer globally with a more than 70% share of the ten largest concrete-producing countries. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Shanghai Urban Construction Materials in this initiative to reduce carbon emissions and increase the eco-friendliness of concrete production,” said Aku Wilenius, CEO  and Co-Founder of Caidio. “Our AI-based digital products, including Caidio Water Content Optimizer,  help high-volume concrete producers automate quality assurance, decreasing carbon emissions and reducing costs. We are eagerly working with Shanghai Urban Construction Materials to find modern ways to increase the usage of recycled concrete in production, further decreasing the carbon  footprint of the concrete industry.” 

“Digitalization is key in building our concrete tunnels, infrastructure, and cities of the future,” said Peter Vesterbacka of Finest Bay Area Development and an advisor of Caidio. “Caidio’s innovative approach to reducing carbon emissions and increasing sustainability in concrete production is an important step in this direction. We are excited to see the impact of Caidio’s technology in the  concrete industry and its positive impact on the environment.” 

Concrete is the most human-made material in the world, and making it more sustainable is vital for the future of construction. Caidio’s patent-pending digital technology supports this transformation and contributes to developing more sustainable alternatives to traditional concrete. In addition,  digital quality assurance technologies help produce more consistent concrete from non-homogeneous raw materials, further improving the sustainability and efficiency of concrete production. Caidio is looking forward to collaborating with Shanghai Urban Construction Materials to find smarter ways to reduce the environmental impact of construction and help build a more sustainable future. 

Caidio is a technology company specializing in intelligent quality control of concrete, which helps the construction industry reduce carbon emissions, improve cost efficiency, and optimize the quality of concrete production. CEMEX Ventures has selected the Finnish start-up company as one of the 50  most promising technology companies in the construction industry. It has sales, development, and customer service units in China.

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