Cabforce Releases iPhone App To Ease Taxi Booking

    Cabforce yesterday released its iPhone app, giving (business) travelers a mobile method to book a taxi in foreign cities. Their value proposition is bring clarity to taxi booking, allowing travelers to overcome language barriers, estimate how much they will pay upfront, and receive receipts that the accounting department will easily accept.

    Taxi booking is a large market they’re after, Cabforce estimates that taxies between the city center and airport could account for 40% of the overall costs of travel in Europe. Currently the Helsinki-based startup operates in 23 cities in 15 countries.

    The app is handy in the sense that while you’re traveling, it’s easier to hop on your iPhone from your hotel compared to opening up your laptop. The app lets you select your pickup address by location, an address you type in, or from a list of local transportation hubs, like train stations, airports, and ferry terminals. The app also stores the list of places you get picked up at, which is more convenient than typing in your London office’s address every time.

    It should be noted that Cabforce is not moving into the instant taxi booking space with this app. Your average cab still requires 2 hours notice, while executive cars and busses ask for 6 hours notice.

    “Many of us take our local taxi journeys for granted. We typically have one or two familiar cab firms we use. But you only have to travel a short distance from your comfort zone to not know who you can trust. This can be exacerbated when travelling abroad, with a foreign language and lack of local knowledge,” commented Tommi Holmgren, Chief Product Officer at Cabforce.

    “At Cabforce, our mission is to make taxi travel simple and stress-free. Our customers know that their car will be with them on time, and won’t have to worry about hidden charges or unnecessary detours.”

    Cabforce is an Arctic15 finalist. See them on stage October 17th and 18th!