Cabforce Partners Up With Estonian Air

    Travelers going to the Estonian Air website are given quick access to booking flights and to the typical add-ons such as car rental, hotels, travel insurance, and now taxi booking through Cabforce. The Finnish startup officially launched a few weeks ago, and gives travelers easy online booking for taxis, executive cars, and minibuses. For business travelers, Cabforce provides accountants with detailed receipts (which is not a given in the taxi business), and saves travelers the pain of negotiating prices and which route to take across language barriers.

    The Estonian Air partnership marks a new territory claim for, which is expected to grow in the future with similar partnerships. “Co-operation with the Estonian national airline is a prime example of how a taxi service can be added to a partner’s service portfolio, without the need for them to invest in any supply network building and facilitation technology” says Tommi Holmgren, CEO and Co-founder of Cabforce.

    The service is currently available in Tallinn and at eight Estonian Air flight destinations in Europe: Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London, Brussels and Paris. More destinations will be added in the future.