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Today we talk to Jari Jukantupa, the managing director of Cieltum, a software company in Finland, on what they are developing and how they leverage Microsoft technology to take their business further. Cieltum has created a cloud based service called C-Care. It’s a service that enables clients to manage the complete lifecycle of their products and also reap profits from after sales activities for example. Furthermore C-Care is able to give a complete understanding in the status of your products. The service is aimed for companies who sell technical, complicated, and unique (in the sense that they are custom made) products.

ArcticStartup (AS): You mention on your website you have identified a business opportunity in the post production life cycle – what does this mean and what kind of products/services have you tailored towards this opportunity?

Jari Jukantupa (JJ): The manufacturers of investment goods, equipments and real estate will miss a significant amount of potential profit while not benefiting of the opportunities of after sales, proactive maintenance and the information management during the products lifetime. In many cases the gathering and management of the information is inadequate. The traditional way of information management is complicated and represents a silo-type approach.

Building a social, cloud based service is a more modern way to follow the lifecycle of unique products or objects during their lifetime.

The cloud based service makes it possible to follow all the aspects in detail: product data, costs, services, problems observed during the initiation and modifications can be stored. All important participants like the manufacturer, vendor, purchaser, customer, service provider, government officials, and resellers can be connected to lifecycle management as a society.

The total lifecycle information of a unique product or object will be shared and updated between the participants in the service as agreed and they will benefit of it in many ways:

  • The interest of the manufacturer and vendor is to have the lifecycle information up-to-date. So they have better opportunities to offer new services and products and will be able to get feedback from customers to develop even better services and products.
  • The client has real-time information while making decisions about the maintenance of his property; real-time information of the product structure makes it possible to order right spare parts and maintenance services rapidly. Redundant service visits will be avoided, maintenance costs will decrease and utilization rate increase.

C-Care is implemented on top of the Windows Azure platform, to be used globally and to be easily scaled as business grows. The group of people can begin the service quickly as it follows the SaaS-model. The billing will be due to actual usage. You only pay for what you really use.

AS: You are also part of the Microsoft Bizspark program, how has that helped you build your company?

JJ: We have received support from Microsoft in many different areas. We have received the whole software development platform from Microsoft. This has boosted our software development and made possible to manage the whole development process efficiently and with high quality.

We have also received support in marketing and publicity. For example, we have been the “Microsoft BizSpark Startup of the Day” –company.

AS: What about the challenges in participating with the Bizspark program?

JJ: No significant challenges to be mentioned, we’re happy with the program.

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