Oslo based startup Majoobi has published their application which helps anyone create an iPhone, iPad or an Android app – online. Majoobi makes use of HTML5 and users are essentially creating websites that are optimized for the iOS and Android operating platforms. The service is extremely simple to use and will have you up and running in minutes. It took me about a minute to understand it and create a simple site for ArcticStartup as a demo.

Majoobi is clearly taking advantage of the trend to build apps through HTML5 in an interesting. Simple apps that are created with other app creating services never should be apps themselves, but simple websites for the specific operating systems. Users can naturally save the “app” onto their phone as a bookmark. It should be noted that these apps cannot be used in an offline mode, but the world is constantly more connected and thus its a diminishing problem.

Users are able to build these “apps” through existing content online. Facebook pages, Twitter streams, YouTube pages and RSS feeds to name a few can be easily added to the “app”. More modules will be published and made available for free in the future.

Pricing has been made simple as well, you pay on the amount of impressions you get. Up to 25 000 impressions, the apps are free to use and until 75000 impressions a month you pay 29,90€. The problem with this equation that I see is that there are really no good ways for the users of Majoobi to monetise their apps (if there is interest to do so even) to make the money back.

The company was founded by Ayman Mackouly, who has gained experience in the IT industry and was also the founder of DinPris AS, a shopping comparison service acquired by Eniro in 2006.

Image by Ben Atkin