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Business Summit Gathers Over 100 Russian Businessmen in Helsinki’s Finlandia Hall

A hoard of determined Russians is about to pierce through Finland’s borders and make a run for Helsinki’s Finlandia Hall .

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No, this time they are not armed and there won’t be anyone fighting them back. Quite on the contrary actually: they will be greeted with a warm welcome and probably a few drinks and laughs too, all in good fun and joy.

With a slightly misleading name suggesting the proximity of a fierce battle, the Rubicon Forum business summit will be held for over a 100 Russian business professionals on November 28-29, 2013. Represents of Russian companies are heading to their western neighbor in search of business strategies, opportunities and most of all, pathways to enter the European markets through Finland, which may also be interesting for Finnish startups interested in reaching the Russian markets.

On Finland’s shoulders lays more than the humble part of hosting the party. Finnish service providers representing a wide range of industries such as law, accounting, business development, sales and marketing, HR and soft-landing services for foreign companies, will showcase their expertise in hope of increased future collaboration with Russian companies. A get-together of some kind, where business relationships are made and marketing ideas are shared. The mini version of Slush for Fenno-Russian business.

We offer Russian companies and investors not only excellent matchmaking opportunities, but also valuable information and contacts to help starting business in Finland”, says Sergey Troshkov, Project Manager for Rubicon Forum.

The organizers of Rubicon Forum 2013 are Cursor Oy, Helsinki Business Hub, Invest in Finland, City of Helsinki, City of Kotka and the Trade Representation of Russia in Finland. The first Rubicon Forum was held in 2012 in Kotka, Finland, and convened over 200 representatives of Russian and Finnish businesses and governmental organizations.

The Rubicon Forum is another good example of the importance of business relations and a few hand shakes. Hopefully we will be seeing more or these in the future.

Interested? Go ahead and read more at http://www.rubicon.fi/en/events/449

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