Business Collaboration Startup, TeamLab Takes Your Office To The Cloud

    Managing work and teams at your workplace is quite a daunting task. Factors like communication, collaboration, and management rely heavily on the effectiveness of whatever system you use. Choosing the right office system is important, because the more efficient this system is the more productive your team can become. The Latvia based startup, TeamLab, comes with a similar agenda; to connect teams, improve efficiency at work and speed up the the management tasks.

    TeamLab is what I would call the Cloud Based Office, combining the concept of social networking and project management. It has a twist of its own; keeping your social networking to the confines of the people involved in your organization. I am sure not all of us feel the urge to add each of our colleagues to Facebook, but we would definitely appreciate a speedier communication and collaboration facility. More importantly, if this takes productivity higher, your boss won’t mind you socializing with your colleagues on the side. Team Lab offers numerous features that makes it a valuable tool to integrate with their businesses. The most essential being:

    • TeamLab is ready to use, a simple signup and invite procedure has you going.
    • Open Source, you have the option to configure TeamLab as per your requirements
    • It is available for companies to deploy TeamLab on their own servers.

    Coming to the Features’ Overview, TeamLab is loaded with all the essential features you need in a typical management system. To take you through some of the key features are as follows:

    Project Management: Lets you set milestones, assign tasks, assign access rights and track time for each project. All this is done within the TeamLab dashboard without the need to run or download a software.

    Business Collaboration: This particular feature is quite valuable as it gives collaboration a true meaning. As a manager of the account you can create departments, add or invite employees, and have your own News and Events Section. It ensures that TeamLab can replace your brick and mortar office in the virtual world. It has the easy integration of Blogs and Forums, instant messaging options, and photo uploading capabilities. This keeps your TeamLab office active with a lots of updates, instead of it being a typical dead project management software.

    Document Management: When you talk office or business, documents come as an undesired baggage that you must totally take care of. With TeamLab you are able to store and edit documents directly on the TeamLab portal, set accessibility rights, and integrate the same directly to the relevant project. But what’s a more killer feature here is the ability to import your documents from other document storage facilities like the beloved Google Docs, Zoho, or Box.Net.

    The above are some of the key features that come with TeamLab, making it a powerful communication and collaboration tool. A few other features include the Customer Relationship Management and email management, which aren’t yet available. But I am sure that once these tools are available, TeamLab will have everything to be your complete virtual workspace.

    Here’s a short video explaining TeamLab:

    TeamLab is available for free with 10MB of Maximum file upload size and 1GB of storage. Whereas you can have the Premium TeamLab account at $49 per month to get 10GB of storage and a 100MB of maximum file size to upload.