Burt Launches Rich, Google Analytics For Banners And Widgets

    RichBurt, a Swedish analytics company that is literally spun off from an Advertising agency is launching a new analytics service called Rich. More specifilly, Rich is an analytics tool for campaigns. Their other products include Copybox – “a Photoshop for copywriters”, basically a smart text editor and Mememachine which provides cloud computing for marketing data.

    Burt reveals Rich today at the famous Demo conference that’s currently held in the US. As Burt stated in their blog, the latest Swedish company (well, at least partly Swedish) presenting a product at Demo was Skype, and we all know how that company ended up.

    In short, the idea behind Rich is to give agencies everything they need on one simple report page, that answers critical questions such as “was the ad visible?”, “how long was it visible?” and “did people notice it?”

    Rich is a third party that runs on top of ad servers such as Atlas and Eyewonder. It can be used for premium inventory or on ad networks and ad exchanges and according to Burt should take only a few minutes to set up.byburt

    Having worked in a digital advertising agency I know that there’s a screaming need for such a tool, even though I think it takes while before some of the agencies realize how much they really need it. What will happen at first is much like what happened with Google Analytics: Everybody has it, but nobody really uses it to its full potential.  A lot of the agencies adopt it since that’s what the others are doing as well, but most of the creatives remain to do their work just as they have always done. I am curious to see it in action and how it will change the industry if it lives up to the promise.