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More people are blogging than ever. But at the same time, more people today prefer to listen rather than read. So, we thought: What if bloggers could offer a way for people to listen to their content?

Converting a written blog to a podcast involves what’s known as text-to-speech. But text-to-speech alone cannot create podcasts that connect with people. Good podcasts need more than a voice to tell the story: They need music and rhythm to create an emotional impact.

That’s why we came up with BuildBubbles. It’s a web app that can help bloggers easily make awesome podcasts without a microphone or studio equipment.

Bloggers do not even need to know how to edit the podcast. BuildBubbles converts written blog posts into compelling podcasts with sound design! With BuildBubbles, your blog will stand out and you’ll reach a much wider audience.

As a content provider, you spend a lot of time creating interesting content. Make sure it reaches as many people as possible!

BuildBubbles is easy and intuitive. Just three steps and a few minutes and it’s done!
1. Paste a link of your WordPress blog post you’d like to convert to a podcast
2. Choose the BuildBubbles podcast template and voices you want
3. Edit your podcast if you wish.

Once you’re finished, you can download it or embed it in your blog.

Please try it! We’d love to hear your feedback.

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