Bubbles Emerges From Nokia Beta Labs To Unlock Your Phone In Style

Nokia Bubbles AppsI don’t consider myself pro-Nokia in any way, maybe that’s because I am incapable of witnessing how powerful its devices could be or simply for the fact that there is just too much of Android and iPhone everywhere. While many would agree with the second reason, lets not get into this tangent of discussion.

Nokia Beta Labs has released Bubbles, an innovative and efficient method to to perform certain functions on your phone while your device is in sleep mode. The video towards the end of the post explains the Bubbles app quite nicely but just to transcript the whole thing following is what it does:

When you press the Apps key while your Nokia phone is in sleep mode you are displayed bubbles on your screen instead of the traditional lock and unlock button. You can simply drag a bubble for a particular action and get started with the feature in a more interesting and livelier way.

Bubbles is available for the new Symbian devices. You can visit Bubbles for more information.