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bSafe Gives Users A Panic Button

bSafe is a new app that’s designed for those who walk through bad neighborhoods or are inclined to paranoia. The basic functionality of the free smartphone app allows you to press a big red button when you are in danger. Once the button is pressed, the app will automatically call a predefined guardian, as well as send a SMS messages with a map of your GPS position to an unlimited number of people. The app is made by Bipper, a Norwegian maker of personal and child safety apps.

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Additional features provided by the app allow you to easily fake a call, which may be all you need avoid a dangerous situation. And of course, bSafe gives you access of a map of your location.

The premium version of the app provides a “risk button” for when you’re travelling through dangerous areas. Users can set this up so your predefined guardians can watch your location from the web in real time. Another premium feature is a timer mode, which will alert your guardians if you do not turn of the alarm after a certain period of time, such as when something horrible has happened when hiking.

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