BrowserTexting Seeing Worldwide Growth After Going Freemium

You might remember our coverage of BrowserTexing last August. BrowserTexing is the Danish Android app that allows you to text from your phone number in your computer’s browser. This makes it an valuable service for people who send a lot of text messages, group sms messages, and people who would rather type on their keyboard while leaving their phone in their pocket.

It’s a pretty simple process to link up your phone to the browser. To use the service, an Android user must only download the app and scan a QR code on the BrowserTexting website to get started right away. A noise and pop-up appears when receiving a new message through BrowserTexting, making the service feel much more like a normal chat program when talking to people on-the-go.

Perhaps due to this ease of use and the site’s new layout and features, BrowserTexting has seen over 12,000 downloads in 100 countries in just eight weeks. Co-founder Martin Tychsen tells us that only 45 minutes after the new freemium model was deployed they received their first orders. “This secures to us that the app is valuable to people – which is the most important thing to us.”

The team recently came out with a chrome extension, which allows users to permanently keep their phone’s pairing. We are told the team is also developing ways to incorporate BrowserTexting into a product targeted towards businesses, but the details of which are kept to a minimum.

As a bonus to the ArcticStartup readers, the team at BrowserTexting has given us 500 premium account upgrades that will upgrade your account to “premium” for six months. You can get this access by adding the following premium code when creating your account: