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BrightArch is a Norwegian based software company that developed a service called OrganizationWeaver. The service is used in large corporations during restructures/staffing changes and an aide to change management. Basically what that means is that large corporations can use the software to help them guide through large mergers or downsizings of companies where you can’t simply continue working as previously when the staff is cut in half or doubled. Until now, the company has been financed by the founders. Kima Ventures led the round and was completed by BrightArch’s new board of directors. They consist of Scandinavian and UK business executives.

Tor Kielland, Founder and CEO of BrightArch, said, “We are very pleased to close this funding round and bring on such a strong board. With this support, we can offer OrganizationWeaver to private and public clients to help them reduce organizational restructuring duration and costs by up to half.”

We saw BrightArch pitch in Tallinn last summer, during the International Technology Law -event. In the event they took the second prize, despite coming up with a very niche product. However, it seems that the work has paid off nicely.

BrightArch prices its service in an innovative manner as well. Borrowing from the pricing of cloud services, they have priced their Lite version as 75€ per position. This makes the whole process and budgeting of it a lot more easier and straight forward. Then there’s the economical side of it, who wouldn’t want to pay 75€ per person to take advantage of a service that helps you cut time and costs into half during your restructuring?

The company is based in Oslo, Norway and was founded in January 2010. Before that however, the founders had put in 2 years of work to research and work on the approach to the problem.

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