Bownty Receives €0.5 M From SEED Capital

    You may remember our coverage of the Danish Daily Deals market was provided by Bownty, a daily deals aggregator that has its finger on the pulse of the deals market in several countries across Europe. The Danish company recently announced it has received half a million euros from SEED Capital to expand its growth and its partnering program.

    Bownty explains that the number of dealsites have exploded over the past year, which has made it impossible for the user to maintain an overview of the best or most relevant deals. With Bownty, users get an overview of all deals in a controlled flow of email, so as to avoid the mail tsunami that happens at other sites. All in all, Bownty is trying to make it as comfortable as possible to be a deal user.

    Jakob Ekkelund, Investment Manager, SEED Capital says, “Dealsites are already one of the most dominant trends within IT right now, and we are convinced that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Bownty has already established themselves as the biggest deal aggregator in Denmark and even more important they are able to rethink their service and business model into an innovative partnership strategy, which we have high hopes for”.