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Boomlagoon sold to Wargaming

Online games platform Wargaming has bought Finnish studio Boomlagoon, marking its entrance to mobile gaming sector.

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Financial details of the deal, which covers the team of 13, were not disclosed.

Wargaming, whose known titles include World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Warplanes, was founded  in 1998 by Victor Kislyi.

Boomlagoon was one of the first breakaway teams from Rovio. Its 2014 game Monsu was a small hit, making it to the top of the games charts in 10 countries, but the success of its later games has been much more limited. Also, one of the original co-founders, Tuomas Erikoinen, left the team in August 2015. Boomlagoon raised a $3.6 million Series A back in May 2014.

“Over the years, we’ve built enough muscle to become a serious player in mobile. With an international team, established network of publishing and development offices, resources and technology at our hands, we’re ready to conquer new heights,” Wargaming said on its web page.

Antti Sten, cofounder of Boomlagoon told ArcticStartup: “By joining forces, we get to fully focus on what we love: making great games!”

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