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Bonnier Accelerator Calls For Entrepreneurs

Nordic media publishing giant, Bonnier, is getting into the accelerator game. Or something like your idea of an accelerator, at least.

Digging into the website details, the feeling is more like aquahires at the concept phase, or a cheap idea sourcing for Bonnier. Rather than the standard taking a standard fixed percentage for a fixed amount of money, they’re providing you with a salary, office space, and a mentor. And from you they’re taking potentially your IP – the questionable paragraph from their FAQ reads:

Q: Will I own the company if we get that far?
A: How this will work will be settled on a case-by-case basis. We strongly believe in rewarding the entrepreneurs who drive our businesses.

So before signing contracts, I would have a good talk with them. But it’s still an opportunity. Bonnier is one of the largest publishers in the Nordics, so getting access to their media properties and development talent could be a solid plus.

The company ownership question likely stems from the fact they’re looking for anything from business plans to established products, which could range from anywhere in the media space, to mobile games. If you’re just bringing an idea to Bonnier, then your really don’t have much to bargain with.

The best candidates will be chosen by an Expert Jury, which will include names like Compricer founder Jakob Tolleryd and Wrapp founder and former Spotify CTO Andreas Ehn, as well as Jonas Bonnier, CEO of Bonnier AB; Ulrika Saxon, CEO of Bonnier Growth Media; Anders Eriksson, CEO of Bonnier Business Press; and Bodil Ericsson Torp.

“Rapid changes in the media industry make extremely tough demands that affect the digital development of our companies and our search for completely new digital business opportunities. Bonnier Accelerator is one way for us to address this,” says Bodil Ericsson Torp, VP for communications and human development at Bonnier in their press release.

The deadline is May 13, and the three month development period starts September 2.

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