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Finnish influencer marketing platform expands service offerings with the acquisition of Monochrome

Helsinki-based startup Boksi has taken a major step forward by acquiring Monochrome, a creative influencer agency in Finland. Each has built a platform that works as a bridge between creators and brands. The move enables Boksi to greatly expand its existing range of influencer campaign management services, as well as offer custom-tailored influencer campaigns and content production. While Monochrome will continue to operate under its own name as a unit of Boksi, the acquisition adds significant value to Boksi’s already formidable suite of influencer marketing capabilities.

Boksi, founded in 2018, connects social media influencers and brands through its online platform, enabling brands to order images, videos, and influencer marketing directly from social media influencers with small or medium-sized audiences. With the acquisition of Monochrome, Boksi will be able to offer its customers the entire spectrum of influencer marketing, from micro-influencers to influencers with large followings. At the same time, Boksi adds tailored customer and influencer campaigns as a new service alongside its platform.

According to a recent report by Influencer Marketing Hub, the influencer marketing industry is expected to grow to be worth $21.1 billion in 2023. As brands continue to shift their marketing strategies towards influencer marketing, Boksi’s acquisition of Monochrome positions it as a key player in the industry in the Nordics.

Lasse Laaksonen, CEO of Boksi, said, “Monochrome has been a pioneer in the development of the Finnish influencer marketing industry and has offered both brands and influencers versatile and comprehensive influencer marketing services, focusing especially on large and medium-sized influencers. Monochrome’s service expertise complements Boksi’s expertise perfectly. We warmly welcome Monochrome to be part of Boksi’s growing team.”

Emma Naumanen, CEO of Monochrome, said, “Together with Boksi, we want to offer both brands and influencers even more interesting collaborations and effective campaigns. Boksi has driven the industry forward with their technology. Now Monochrome’s team brings in their expertise in working with larger influencers. Together we can build both the service offering and the technology on an international scale and serve even better the entire influencer community, from micro-influencers to professionals with large numbers of followers.”

Boksi’s automated and easy-to-use platform has solved a significant challenge for brands, as evidenced by the company’s impressive customer base. Boksi is already used by more than 400 brands, such as Fazer, Luhta Sportswear Company, and Biozell. Boksi currently employs 40 employees, of which 35 are located in Finland and 5 in Germany.

With the acquisition of Monochrome, Boksi is expanding its services and positioning itself as a global influencer marketing platform. Boksi has already gathered significant local and international investors, such as Trind Ventures, Nexit Ventures, and Aikainen Ventures, to support its growth journey.

“The acquisition is part of our international expansion strategy. In influencer marketing, local knowledge and networks are critical for success, which is why our strategy is based on finding the best local agencies to team up with,” concludes Laaksonen.

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