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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Swedish cloud-based platform Bokio is acquired by an accounting giant from Norway

Gothenburg-based AI-powered accounting software Bokio is bought up by Visma, the Norwegian SaaS-based enterprise software. Bokio enables business owners to run their company with a little help from cloud technologies by giving full control of their purchases and payments via the platform, an all-in-one solution that allows them to get rid of the burden of financial issues.

As for Skøyen-based Visma, the company provides a full range of services that simplify the whole process for accounting, resource planning, payroll, and transaction process outsourcing. The acquisition helps Visma strengthen its position in terms of cloud ERP and fintech solutions in Europe while enabling Bokio to maintain its operations as before.

Bokio becomes part of Visma – Continued focus on small business owners

Visma has signed an agreement to acquire Bokio. With the acquisition Visma will strengthen its offering with a strong cloud ERP and fintech solution for the Small and Micro segment in Europe.

The Swedish company will continue its current operations with the same offering, brand and management as today. There will be no big changes, neither for its users in Sweden and the UK nor the employees.

Bokio, Visma, Viktor Stensson“We’re enormously proud to become part of the Visma family. This allows us to elevate Bokio to the next level and continue our strong growth pattern. Visma will be able to provide us with massive amounts of experience and experts in all fields necessary for us to keep developing going forward.”, says Viktor Stensson, CEO and co-Founder of Bokio.

Visma is the leading cloud accounting and payroll provider in Europe for small businesses with over 1 million customers. Their mission is to help European entrepreneurs by offering high-quality products and local experts.

Bokio, Visma, Ari-Pekka Salovaara“Bokio fits our mission perfectly. We love their offering of new company registrations, Business accounts, cards, accounting, payroll, and a high level of automation”, says Ari-Pekka Savolaara, SMB Director at Visma.

“Visma can learn a lot from Bokio that will help our current customers. We believe that we can help Bokio and Bokio’s users by sharing our knowledge and the resources we have.”

Bokio is a Gothenburg & Stockholm based software and fintech company offering automated and AI-driven accounting software to SMEs and self-employed with customers in Sweden and the UK. It is a payment institution, authorized by FI (the financial supervisory authority) in Sweden, enabling them to provide their users with a state-of-the-art fintech solution.

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