Boardman 2020 is a community aimed at board professionals in Finland and it gathers the crowd together in an effective manner. We had a talk with Mika Mäkeläinen and Esa Matikainen, who are part of the founding team, about the ways and objectives of the organisation. Boardman 2020 has for example been extremely successful in gathering large crowds to its Salesboard and Pecha kucha events. By large, we mean north of a few hundred. When considering the amount of board professionals there are in Finland, this is a significant amount.

We wanted to understand and also bring to our community’s attention the organisation and what some of the advantages of mingling with this crowd are.

When I asked Mika Mäkeläinen why their events have been so successful he replied, “Our message is very clear – get inspired, network and learn more to grow more. To put in on in few sentences we attract good speakers and our events are well organized – because of that very interesting people participate in our events. People take full advantage of this – you can learn more and meet new interesting people.”

Regarding the younger startup crowd he commented, “we also have a good mix of young and experience entrepreneurs. They do mingle very well with our members who are corporate directors and board professionals.”

I asked Esa Matikainen what the aim of the organisation is and what exactly are they trying to achieve. “Boardman 2020 network aims to promote growth culture and practices of Finnish companies and thus increase the welfare of society as a whole” he commented.

He further stated that the ways they try to achieve this are 1) by bringing new, fresh perspective on the work of the Board, 2) create real value particularly in growth companies through a Board of Directors and management team work, 3) develop board and management competence in collaboration with Boardman and other partners, through e.g. mentoring, training and coaching as well as 4) to develop and promote board and business management expertise in member meetings and working groups.

Boardman 2020 is organising one of its successful events, this time a pecha kucha -evening on 1st of June in Helsinki to get the crowd together once more. If you’re looking to mingle with other board professionals, you might want to check out the event page over here. Tickets are priced at 160€ + VAT and quite a few people have already signed up.

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