At the end of October we wrote about Blyk opening office in Singapore. Today they’ve announced that they will begin to offer the Blyk platform through Aircel in India. India has one of the largest mobile markets globally. With Blyk’s focus on the youth segment, India is a dream market – 51% of the total population is young and potentially interesting for Blyk. Aircel is a Pan-Indian operator with a subscriber base of 48 million customers.

Co‐founder of Blyk Worldwide Antti Ohrling states: “Aircel is the perfect partner for Blyk in India, unpretentious, fresh, modern and easy to do business with. They’ve got an entirely new approach to capturing the consumer market and a strategy for fast growth through innovative consumer offerings. Together we intend to develop Blyk on Aircel to become a game‐ changing engagement media in the Indian market”.

Blyk is a media platform originating from Finland. Blyk will send Aircel users content through SMS and MMS to capture their interests. These messages are in the areas of entertainment, sports, lifestyle, travel, fashion, wellness, gadgets, and so on. After about 6 to 8 weeks, the user preferences will have been clarified enough so Blyk is able to offer them more relevant content. This understanding of preferences will then be sold to brands and other companies wanting to engage with the difficult to reach age group.

Now that the Singapore office is open, and a recent 17 million euro investment round behind them – Blyk will definitely continue to arouse interest in the Asian market. I think we’ve only seen the beginning here.

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