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Blyk Grows To 4 Million Opt-In Subscribers To Mobile Advertising

Despite the news of co-founder and Chairman of Blyk Media India Antti Öhrling’s departure last December, Blyk is seeing steep growth in its global opt-in audience base from one million at the end of 2010, to four million during 2011. Blyk runs permission-based marketing by partnering with mobile phone operators and allowing subscribers to interact with third-party brands and the operators. The company is partnered with T-Mobile and Orange in the UK, Vodaphone in the Netherlands, and Aircel in India.

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The mobile operators seem to see advantages in Blyk. Orange reports seeing a 35% increase in brand perception by those who receive Blyk Media. And in India, Blyk reports a 48% churn reduction with the “Blyk on Aircel”, whilst at the same time increasing the average revenue per user by 14 (ARPU)%.

According to their press release, companies like Unilever, Samsung, Paramount Pictures, Coca-Cola, Perfetti van Melle, Toshiba and Nokia have also run very successful campaigns with Blyk during 2011.

Eric Kip, the new CEO of Blyk comments: “This all proves that Blyk is on the right track. The advertising community gets a very high return on their communication investments, because the Blyk audience is highly engaged. Engagement can be measured in various ways, but a key benchmark for Blyk advertising is the response rate. We consistently see a very high response rate from our profiled subscribers, varying between 20 and 65 %. Despite the economic challenges, we expect 2012 to build on the success of 2011”.

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